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Re: [chat] Editor anxiety

This one time, at band camp, Adrian van den Dries wrote:
>Wrote James Peter Gregory, on October 27, around  1:57am +1000:
>> I'm yet to learn the macro language though. One of these days I'll have to
>> write a vim macro to compute the real fourier transform of a ppm file or
>> something.
>See, that's where the whole "vim vs. emacs" argument just falls apart:
>Learn to script emacs, and you have learnt a fully-featured, high-level,
>arguably superior[0] programming language.  Learn to script vim OTOH,
>and you've learnt to script vim.  Whoopie.

Can you not appreciate the hack value of writing a fourier transform in
vim?  It's lateral thinking in action -- it expands the mind and in the
process James learns both the underlying structure of a FT by writing it in
vim script, and will learn a lot more about vim in the process.

It's a quest for knowledge, and it's fun along the way.

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