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[chat] "It" the cross-post from hell!

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 04:33:25PM +1100, Crossfire wrote:
> Surely if "it" was so easy to lose, we'd either improve them so we
> didn't lose them, or ensure that they were plentyful enough so when
> somebody did lose one, that they'd be able to acquire a replacement
> promptly...

Ah see here is the magic of "it".

"It" is singular, there can only be one "it", there cannot be "they" or
"them". By the nature of "it", "it" cannot be plentiful.

Hence, our project must be to improve "it" in all "it"s single, unique
glory. But first, we must possess "it" first.

Who has "it" and can we borrow "it" for a while?


Mary Gardiner