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Re: [chat] Do timezone changes affect sysadmins more?

So that when you go back the other way in February or March, it doesn't 
do funky 12.00am date things.
i.e 2.00am becomes 1.00 am, instead of 1.00 am becomes 12.00am instantly 
transporting us back one day for a nano-second.

Someone, somewhere thought about this one when they invoked daylight 
savings...  and who's up at that time of night anyway (says he who 
missed the change over, but still set his watch right *before* going 
to bed).

At 29 October 2001, Peter Hardy <peterhardy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On Mon, 2001-10-29 at 15:02, invisible ink wrote:
>> I am not the only one subjected to this FASCIST FUCKING WITH TIME.
You are
>> too. So, why does daylight saving switch at 2pm?
>I can think of two possible amswers:
>a) It doesn't.  It's at 2am.  If you open up a bit wider, you may be
>able to fit the other foot in as well.
>b) I give up.  Why does daylight saving switch at 2pm?
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