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[chat] Re: [SLUG] FW: Paul Thurrot - a Windows XP summary copycat OSes h ey ?

This one time, at band camp, George Vieira wrote:
>Funny thing today, (Don't want to start another thread) I've just noticed
>the amount of Windows XP advertising going around with the message "Surprise
>Yourself". I laughed so hard... you see, last Saturday I had W2K problems
>and a friend gave me Windows XP final release and I installed it.. it would
>recognise my USB board and that SURPRISED ME..

At the last meeting, when XP was brought up:

Benno: The XP posters all have "Surprise Yourself" as the slogan.  I'm just
hoping I don't wake up next to a shrinkwrapped WinXP box after the pub

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