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Re: A cautionary tale of over-stressed women (was Re: [chat] GENERAL INFO <snip>)



On 29 Oct 2001,, Mary Gardiner <slug@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

> Tell me about it.
> I was sitting around with Catie and various other gal pals the other
> day, and we were swapping makeup tips and and gossiping about men, you
> know how it is, and then, it was getting a bit late in this girly night,
> and one of us, a pretty young thing, but a bit flighty, you know how
> girls are, brought the conversation around to computers.
> I'll omit the ridiculous high pitched giggling we indulged in for the
> sake of your sanity.

<snip the best laugh I had in days. Thanks, I needed it>

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