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A cautionary tale of over-stressed women (was Re: [chat] GENERAL INFO <snip>)

On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 11:51:06PM +1100, Gnuthad wrote:
> On 28 Oct 2001,, Catie Flick <liedra@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
> > Well, it was dark, you see, so I pushed it in as hard as I could and
> > thought the little catches were in properly... but they weren't. One
> > powerup and slight burning smell... ooh, what's that? hmm, better power
> > off... put hand in to feel RAM... shit, it burned me! Run to cold water
> > tap, etc.
> Uh huh, the reply of "over-stressed female" appears to be totally 
> correct :P

Tell me about it.

I was sitting around with Catie and various other gal pals the other
day, and we were swapping makeup tips and and gossiping about men, you
know how it is, and then, it was getting a bit late in this girly night,
and one of us, a pretty young thing, but a bit flighty, you know how
girls are, brought the conversation around to computers.

I'll omit the ridiculous high pitched giggling we indulged in for the
sake of your sanity.

"So, um, you know, those um, computer things?"

"Oh yeah, they're kind of scary. Like, you know, really scary. Hard and
stuff. It makes me, like, stress, and stuff."

<snips sobs of terror and general female stress, since SLUG is so alert
to it as it is, you know how it goes>

"It's a guy thing anyway."

"Yeah, thank goodness. It, like, hurts my brain."

"Yeah, I made the mistake of trying to do my own computer stuff the
other day," said Catie.

<insert gentle feminine frowns and sighs here>

"I hope you realised the error of your ways," said random female.

"Oh yes. It made me stress," said Catie.

The others nodded, understandingly. We've all made that mistake.

"It's definitely a guy thing. It takes, like, brains and stuff." Giggle,

"Definitely," chorused the girls.

"I mean, take those guys on SLUG," said I, sensibly. "Why do your own
computer... stuff, when there are those guys on SLUG? I mean, like,
they're so smart. They do all this stuff, like, all the time. There's no

The others nodded at my concise summary of the situation.

"I mean, I used to do SLUG, right?" said I. "And then, I realised how
painful I was making it for them with all my female stress. I mean,
these guys, they don't stress the same way."

"Really?" chorused the listeners.

"Really," said I. "They used to get really frustrated. Did you know,
there's a difference between ordinary stress and female stress? When
girls on SLUG have a problem right, the guys pick up on the stress, it's
special female stress. It used to freak them out. They'd pick up on it
right away - 'female stress.' Not just any old stess, they'd point out
that it was female stress. They used to make such an effort to point it
out. The slightest little problem I had, and they'd detect it - 'arg!'
were the cries 'a stressed female, not a pretty sight.' Even, if, you
know, I thought I was stessing about something that was, like, totally
gender free, like hardware or something, they'd recognise the female

"And here was I, like, a stressed female, and I'm thinking, yeah,
hey. I didn't want to disturb all these smart SLUG guys with my female
stress. I mean, they're so smart, and they were so quick to jump on the
female stress whenever I did something, I thought they must have a
point. So now I've left them to it."

The girls nodded approvingly.

And then we went on to assess the sexual attractiveness of these
particular guys from SLUG, the ones that we had so unwittingly stressed
on, but maybe you don't want to know what we said.


Mary Gardiner