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Re: [chat] Hardware fun

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 12:37:26AM +1100, Peter Hardy wrote:

> I recall one time inserting a 72-pin SIMM the wrong way around.  Those
> beasties were also keyed, but mine had an indentation at *both* ends,
> wih only the tiniest fraction of a difference between them.  I managed
> to fully insert it both ways before taking an educated guess, crossing
> my fingers and hitting the power.  Luckily the magic smoke stayed put,
> and that SIMM is still humming along.

Actually, I had to put in some RAM into my dad's computer today,
working under much the same conditions as Catie -- dark and no
torch.  Her story sent me into a state of paranoia :), and I
eventually pulled out half the cables out the back of the computer
so that I could move the computer up to the desk where there was
some light.

Dammit, I'm never going to be able to confidently put RAM into a
PC in the dark ever again ... scratch that one off my resume.  At
least I can still put a coffee lid on while walking.  (Sticks
tongue out.)

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