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Re: [chat] GENERAL INFO: An experiment in motherboard upgrades - GA-7IXE4 to Asus A7V133 (w. Promise Raid)

On 28 Oct 2001,, Catie Flick <liedra@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

> On 28 Oct, Gnuthad wrote:

> > How did you even manage to get the memory into the slot? Last time I 
> > checked, DIMMs and DDR were both keyed and can only be inserted one 
> > way without physically brweaking either the slot or the stick.
> Well, it was dark, you see, so I pushed it in as hard as I could and
> thought the little catches were in properly... but they weren't. One
> powerup and slight burning smell... ooh, what's that? hmm, better power
> off... put hand in to feel RAM... shit, it burned me! Run to cold water
> tap, etc.

Uh huh, the reply of "over-stressed female" appears to be totally 
correct :P

> There's a lovely black connector now on th stick ;)

Get out the gold or silver paint, those connectors just don't like 
being black. Oh, you didn't let out the magic smoke, did you?

> > Oh, and don't do stupid things with hard drive power connectors, they 
> > are quite easy to break off if you try inserting the plug without 
> > pushing it directly towards the hard drive and without holding the 
> > socket, and it's NOT covered by warranty.
> Fortunately I've managed to avoid that one :)

I decline to answer on the grounds it *may* incriminate me.


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