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Re: [chat] GENERAL INFO: An experiment in motherboard upgrades - GA-7IXE4 to Asus A7V133 (w. Promise Raid)

On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 01:37:54PM +1100, Anthony Rumble wrote:

> Alan was mentioning the other day that you actually need an AMD rated
> Power Supply now, as the load spikes on these processors can cause many of
> the older type PSU's to undervolt badly..

This has been the case for about a year, ever since the Athlon
processor (in Slot A form) was first released.  One of the
downsides of getting an AMD chip is that they're generally less
tolerant than Intel with respect to components (motherboard, RAM,
chipset, etc).  Do yourself a favour and get some real name-brand
RAM (e.g. KingMax) and a PSU (e.g. Enermax, Leadman); you'll save
yourself much headache in the end.

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