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Re: [chat] GENERAL INFO: An experiment in motherboard upgrades - GA-7IXE4 to Asus A7V133 (w. Promise Raid)

In message <20011028130141.N3801@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, invisible ink writes:
>begin David Fisher quotation:
>> Thank you Catie, more power to you. (ahem....)
>That was terrible.

Seen worse from you!


"Some weeks it looks like Redmond feels entitled to capture not just part of
what we save, but all of it.  That just isn't going to fly with corporate 
America forever.  When your margins are more sensitive to Bill Gates' pricing
whims than they are [to] the price of oil, that's an untenable position for a
large company to be in."      - John Chapman, Sr. Technology Executive, Amoco