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Re: [chat] GENERAL INFO: An experiment in motherboard upgrades - GA-7IXE4 to Asus A7V133 (w. Promise Raid)

At 12:59 pm, Sunday, October 28 2001, Gnuthad mumbled:
> > some more. Back with 512M more RAM, I ended up frying my other 128M
> > stick by, er, putting it in backwards. It's now a nice keyring. Don't
> > try putting RAM in in the dark of under the desk ;)
> How did you even manage to get the memory into the slot? Last time I 
> checked, DIMMs and DDR were both keyed and can only be inserted one 
> way without physically brweaking either the slot or the stick.
Never underestimate the strength of a stressed-female installing more RAM.

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