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[chat] GENERAL INFO: An experiment in motherboard upgrades - GA-7IXE4 to Asus A7V133 (w. Promise Raid)

Hello Sluggers,

This is a small experience chunk that you might find useful if you
decide to upgrade your motherboard.. mainly, what went wrong with my
upgrade and how I fixed it :) (I'm writing this because I didn't know
about it, so it's possible that someone else doesn't too ;)

Anyway, I was upgrading my gigabyte GA-7IXE4 to an Asus A7V133 with an
extra set of ide controllers (and a promise raid chip). Firstly, when
everything was screwed in, I booted up, and noticed the RAM was running
at the PC-100 speed. Fine, I noted, pulling out the 64M stick, I'll buy
some more. Back with 512M more RAM, I ended up frying my other 128M
stick by, er, putting it in backwards. It's now a nice keyring. Don't
try putting RAM in in the dark of under the desk ;)

When it all booted up, it looked fine, except that odd things were
segfaulting on bootup. Things like apmd, gpm, sendmail, other random
things (but the same things each time I booted). I checked the RAM and I
checked it again, a thorough memtest found no errors. It was starting to
bug me that kernel compiles (considered a fairly good exercise of a
machine's stability) would segfault; it was fairly obvious that this was
not a stable, or happy, machine.

Someone mentioned to me that it could be a power problem, so I unplugged
everything except for the mobo and the hdd, and we tried again. Still no
joy. Eventually, I thought, well, if I'm going to be powering 5 IDE
devices (the reason I got this one in the first place), I'll need a
chunkier power supply *anyway*, so I went out and bought a 300W PSU, put
it in and whammo! no more segfaults!

So the moral of the story is: even if you unplug all your powerhungry
devices the 250W PSU you have might not be enough for the motherboard.
Oh, and don't do stupid things with RAM. 

Just a timesaver; the whole exercise was executed over a very stressful
week (and the first Asus mobo I bought was faulty so I had to take it


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