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Re: [chat] Editor anxiety

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Ken Foskey wrote:

> mark@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Given that the popular UNIX editors are pretty fully featured, does anyone
> >else apart from me ever worry that they aren't getting everything from them
> >that they can? Does anyone else set aside time to try and learn their tools
> >a bit better?
> >

1337 vim trick of the week:

hit ctrl-p or ctrl-n when in insert mode to get vim to auto complete your
identifiers. You can also give it a dictionary file to takes stuff from when
it can't find an instance of a matching identifier in your code.

It's actually become somewhat competitive at my work to see who knows the
1337est vim commands each week.

:make is pretty 1337 too.

I'm yet to learn the macro language though. One of these days I'll have to
write a vim macro to compute the real fourier transform of a ppm file or

Then I could take that code and feed it audio files and get phat bass out of
my mp3's by multiplying the lower co-efficents by some factor and saving to

However, when one has thoughts of doing scientific computation with a text
editor it is either time for more coffee or time to switch to emacs.

possibly both.


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