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Re: [chat] Granville TAFE installs GNU/Linux

begin Barry Park quotation:

> Computerbank NSW and Granville TAFE College have joined together to improve
> the ability of TAFE in SouthWestern Region of Sydney to provide students
> with necessary IT infrastructure in setting up of a GNU/Linux? Operating
> System learning environment.   This will go a short way in assist in
> addressing the IT skills gap, and improve the qualifications and
> capabilities of the students from this region of Sydney.

Awesome! Awesome! This is way cool.

> Computerbank NSW and Granville TAFE College are also investigating the
> feasibility of using older processor computers in a novel approach; to
> network these old processor computers into clusters to produce “Super
> Computer” performance.

Half of my talk for this month was going to be about MOSIX, then I switched
to LDAP knowing that I wasn't going to have the comptuers tested and ready
(plus everyone said "yes!")... Might have a chat to Geoffrey about this. ;)

- ii

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