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[chat] Granville TAFE installs GNU/Linux

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For Immediate Release
Thursday, 25 October 2001		Computerbank NSW Inc
PO Box 380
Surrey Hills  NSW 2010
Tel/Fax: (02) 9319 0725
Web: www.cbnsw.org.au
Email: help@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Registration: INC9876377
Granville TAFE College IT Training

Computerbank NSW and Granville TAFE College have joined together to improve
the ability of TAFE in SouthWestern Region of Sydney to provide students
with necessary IT infrastructure in setting up of a GNU/Linux® Operating
System learning environment.   This will go a short way in assist in
addressing the IT skills gap, and improve the qualifications and
capabilities of the students from this region of Sydney.

Computerbank NSW has provided the necessary equipment including computers
pre-installed with GNU/Linux® Operating system, monitors and hubs. This
equipment will be used to develop skills needed in a GNU/Linux® Operating
system in a Laboratory at Granville TAFE College. The GNU/Linux® Operating
system provides a robust, virus resistant, secure, and reliable environment
for students to develop their IT skills. Included in the GNU/Linux®
operating system install are Office productivity, financial management and
full programming tools packages with an extremely low Total Cost of
Ownership to Granville TAFE College.

Granville TAFE College has welcomed this equipment, as the Lecturer running
this program, Geoffrey Robertson commented:

" It will provide students requiring IT skills the opportunity to learn
GNU/Linux® operating system which is scalable from desktop/note book to
large enterprise multiprocessor servers including diverse areas as firewalls
and routers. Also the fact that the GNU/Linux® operating system runs on a
variety of processor types and speeds, which will enable TAFE to continue to
utilise computer equipment for a longer perhaps different life cycle. "

Computerbank NSW and Granville TAFE College are also investigating the
feasibility of using older processor computers in a novel approach; to
network these old processor computers into clusters to produce “Super
Computer” performance.

Computerbank Australia 
South Western Sydney Institute, Granville College
The Electrical Engineers Department
136 William Street Granville 2142
Phone: (02) 9682 0222
Fax: (02) 9682 0437
Press Contact:	Craig Warner
NSW Coordinator 
Computerbank NSW
Phone: 9319 0725
Mob: 0414 603 200	Richard Hayes
Computerbank NSW
Phone: 9360 5555
Mob: 0414 618 425
GNU/Linux® is a trademark of Linus Torvalds


ComputerBank NSW

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