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Re: [chat] LDAP talk

At 11:09 am, Tuesday, October 23 2001, Matt Hope mumbled:
> On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Steve Kowalik <stevenk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote...
> : At  4:32 pm, Monday, October 22 2001, Matt Hope mumbled:
> ^ I dont mumble, damnit.
I beg to differ. *giggle*

> : > Administering it can be a bit of a bitch.
> : >
> : Once it's going, and I set it's log level down to stop finding
> : /var/log/daemon.log at ~600Mb, it's looked after itself. I would like it
> : talk over SSL or TLS, however.
> IIRC, openldap2 and supporting libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap support this.
OpenLDAPv2 can use TLS or SSL, da.
I was more talking about running slapd with "-h 'ldaps://'" and the other
myraid of things you have to do.

> : > padl have the MigrationTools, which do rock to set it all up, but after
> : > its set up, it can be a pain to add new users / etc.
> : >
> : I find that sometimes, but, I'm just using LDAP at home, so adding users
> : isn't that much of a problem, and I just slap a ldif file together and 
> : throw it to ldapadd.
> Easy for a a once off - but its a real pain when you want to do anything
> serious - which ldap *should* support. I don't believ I should be writing
> an admin app for this - ldap is so damn good, there should be plenty. But
> there doesnt appear to be.
Serious? Like adding 150 new students and culling the 150 old ones?
I don't think I have seen any hardcore LDAP admin app. You have a nice point
though, there _should_ be plenty of 'em. I do keep getting told by friends
(and the pendantic bastard in me), to just shut up, and use ldap(add|modify)
, with LDIF files, and shut the hell up. ;-)

> : gq springs to mind, and one of my friends on IRC raves about it.
> gq is an ldap admin tool, yes. But its not focused on authentication or
> anything else.
Right, it's focused on _admin_ of the database itself, and that's it.

> If I wasn't so lazy, I'd probably start hacking on some kind of admin
> tools. Beh.
*cough* Damn coders acting like sysadmins *cough*

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