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Re: [chat] Parenting shock: My son is doing C#

On Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 09:02:03PM +1000, Nick Croft wrote:
> Today I found some C# notes in his room and learnt that he is doing it 
> at Tafe and likes it. He approves of .NET  . He says it's better than 
> anything that went before.
> Del, where have I gone wrong? Is it because of my anarchism? Should I 
> offer him drugs? Please help. this is serious.

Seriously this is the sort of stuff that should be covered by the "liberal"
components of an arts education at school. Issues such as privacy and
security and in economics things like monopolies. That way he could learn
about .NET in programming and the web and be taught in Sociology, Economics and Ethics that there may be other sides to the story. History could also teach him a few things about proprietary systems.

But the prob is that teachers don't have the tie to reasearch this stuff or
the space in the curriculum to do so. 
So it ends back up on the parent to provide this liberal education to
supplement the State Course.

"OK, kid, before you can watch Southpark tonight find out what you can about
privacy and monopoly concerns with .NET from Google" :-)

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