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Re: [chat] Parenting shock: My son is doing C#

begin Nick Croft quotation:

> My 17 old is a Windows user. I've learnt to accept that.
> He is doing I.T. at highschool/TAFE.

Tough break.

> Today I found some C# notes in his room and learnt that he is doing it 
> at Tafe and likes it. He approves of .NET  . He says it's better than 
> anything that went before.

He's right.

> Del, where have I gone wrong? Is it because of my anarchism? Should I 
> offer him drugs? Please help. this is serious.

You haven't.

As much as we like to diss Microsoft, they've come up with the goods this
time. The basic technologies behind .NET (disregard the pulp bullshit about
RainStorm, etc) are more of an evolutionary step than what they'd like you
to think. It makes a lot of sense.

Instead of building complicated marshalling systems for component software,
or bindings for many and varied languages (generally locking you into C for
the software you want bound), you use each language for what it's good for,
and they can all talk happily to each other using a Common Language Runtime.

The major disadvantage of the CLR, tools and compiler that MS have built is
that they're proprietary software. Perhaps this is why you're worried about
your son going astray?


Make your own cake; eat it.

- ii

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