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Re: [chat] Parenting shock: My son is doing C#

<quote who="Steve Kowalik">

>Now just so I don't sound like a raving lunatic, I have looked into C#, and
>dismissed it as Microsoft trying too hard. If he likes it, _and_ .NET, you
>must take drastic action. Seriously misconfigure a Windows NT box to blue
>screen upon bootup, and set it to reset every 5 minutes with an oven timer.
>Set up a Linux box next to it, and ask him to compare and contrast, and
>which he would prefer. If he keeps leaning towards Microsoft, zap him with
>the cattle prod. (You _do_ have one, don't you?)

how strange.. maybe someone set up my windows box with a 18hour oven timer...
or perhaps it just does that by itself :)