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Re: [chat] Parenting shock: My son is doing C#

At 10:53 pm, Monday, October 22 2001, Nick Croft mumbled:
> My 17 old is a Windows user. I've learnt to accept that.
> He is doing I.T. at highschool/TAFE.

> He has written a few C programs and got extra points writing a cgi script 
> last term.
It depends what the CGI was written in, I suppose.

> Today I found some C# notes in his room and learnt that he is doing it 
> at Tafe and likes it. He approves of .NET  . He says it's better than 
> anything that went before.
Now just so I don't sound like a raving lunatic, I have looked into C#, and
dismissed it as Microsoft trying too hard. If he likes it, _and_ .NET, you
must take drastic action. Seriously misconfigure a Windows NT box to blue
screen upon bootup, and set it to reset every 5 minutes with an oven timer.
Set up a Linux box next to it, and ask him to compare and contrast, and
which he would prefer. If he keeps leaning towards Microsoft, zap him with
the cattle prod. (You _do_ have one, don't you?)

> Del, where have I gone wrong? Is it because of my anarchism? Should I 
> offer him drugs? Please help. this is serious.
> Worried Parent.
Yeah, I'd be worried too. :-/

(Yes, this mail is tongue-in-cheek)

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