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Re: [chat] LDAP talk

At  4:32 pm, Monday, October 22 2001, Matt Hope mumbled:
> Administration.
> Administering it can be a bit of a bitch.
Once it's going, and I set it's log level down to stop finding
/var/log/daemon.log at ~600Mb, it's looked after itself. I would like it
talk over SSL or TLS, however.

> padl have the MigrationTools, which do rock to set it all up, but after
> its set up, it can be a pain to add new users / etc.
I find that sometimes, but, I'm just using LDAP at home, so adding users
isn't that much of a problem, and I just slap a ldif file together and 
throw it to ldapadd.

> DirectoryAdministrator is one gui wizard app that will do it, but that
> isnt really great for the 'hands on' style admins.
gq springs to mind, and one of my friends on IRC raves about it.

Description: GTK-based LDAP client
 GQ is GTK+ LDAP client and browser utility. It can be used
 for searching LDAP directory as well as browsing it using a
 tree view. Features include:
  - browse and search modes
  - LDAPv3 schema browser
  - template editor
  - edit and delete entries
  - add entries with templates
  - export subtree or whole server to LDIF file
  - use any number of servers
  - search based on single argument or LDAP filter
  - TLS support for LDAPv3

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