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Re: [chat] Maby we should have an anti-MS demonstration?

begin Craige McWhirter quotation:

> http://www.local.microsoft.com.au/australia/events/eventinfo/default.asp?lngEvent=5534
> I would sorely love to disrupt this in someway. More time would have
> been nice for planning. Has anyone had anymore concrete thoughts?

Sponsors: Intel, Compaq, Dell, IBM

  Intel has shares in at least Red Hat and SuSE; Compaq have their finger in
  the embedded Linux pie and *are* HP now, who are notable Linux supporters
  in many ways, including the embedded pie; Dell talk a lot; IBM would
  replace AIX with Linux as soon as it is able, have shares in a number of
  pureplays, fund startups (think Asia-Pacific incubator millions), gave
  WebSphere the Apache love juice.

Quote from the page:

  "We'll also showcase some local companies and demonstrate how Windows XP
  has made a difference to their business." We can talk up PCs for Kids
  fiasco, various charities, innumerable large and small businesses using
  Free Software platforms for file serving, web, email, etc.

We wouldn't want to come across as demonstrators, or childish fuckwits. It's
tongue-in-cheek, intellectually militant, prankster time.

- ii

  Penguinillas Pack GNUzis