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Re: [chat] Tracing Spam

At  3:49 pm, Sunday, October 21 2001, Jon Biddell mumbled:
> <begin headers>
> Return-Path: <hahaha@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Received: from penguin (1Cust215.tnt10.syd2.da.uu.net [])
> by int-mail.syd.fl.net.au (Postfix) with SMTP id D9E3216875
> for <jon@xxxxxxxxx>; Sun, 21 Oct 2001 00:43:49 +1000 (EST)
> From: Hahaha <hahaha@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> <end headers>
> Any ideas ?
Yes. It's a virus.
The Received: line above tells you which machine sent it, so you'd probably
be best calling YoYo.. err, UUNet, and asking them to sort it out.
Failing that, find a friend that works for UUNet, and ask for the name and
address. :-)

<Overfiend> xhost +localhost should only be done by people who would
            paint their hostname and root password on an interstate

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