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[chat] Re: [SLUG] Internet Connection

No one understands that data costs money. Even if the traffic
does not go 'outside' your network, it still costs money.

Basically, the bigger your company and the more bandwidth
you have, the better per MB rate you can get.

When Optus/Telstra started offering HFC cable access, it was
pretty much a free for all. The premise that the light  users
subsidise the heavy users did not work out - hence the data
limits imposed.

> > Considering that $300MB is going to cost most ISPs at least $30, you're
> > really saying "I want an ISP who's willing to lose around $2000/month just
> > to have me as a customer"...
> I would find this slightly hard to believe as most dial-ups are between
> $20-$30/month and offer up too 300MB free. Allthough I don't have access to
> wholesale rates I can't see how so many long-term ISP's could run like this
> if that were the case.