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Re: [chat] Maby we should have an anti-MS demonstration?

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001 23:37, Anthony Rumble wrote:
> >     Sydney store graced with XP headstart
> >
> > Grace Bros Sydney City store is likely to be the first retailer to sell
> > a copy of Windows XP after Microsoft dubbed it the official launch
> > store for Windows XP in New South Wales.
> In the spirit of "mad people camping out to get the first copy"..

Hmmm... The idea has a perverted sort of merit - T-Shirts with "The box said 
Win95 or better, so I installed LUNIX" would seem to be appropriate...

They mention "briefing breakfasts" in the newsletter - not being one to knock 
back a free meal at ANYTIME of the day, I'm attending - plus you get lots of 
freebies usually - like "eval" copies of XP that can be used as coasters / 
targets / chewtoys / etc....

Maybe if ALL SLUG registered (using their company addresses, of course) and 
we all attended together....