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Re: was:Re: [SLUG] For a laugh now [CHAT] For a laugh

> I would have quoted parts of the article but fear prosecution for copy
> infringement. :)

Specifically stated in the footer that distribution IS permitted, although 
not for profit (am I profiting from it if I'm pissing myself laughing ??)

> So one in three of us are thieves, lucky they told me. I think a company
> that has a sticker on the plastic wrap which enclosed my new laptop could 
> be looked at as a villain, since you have to agree to the EULA, which is 
> inside the plastic bag by opening the bag, without even booting the 
> software..hmmmmmmm.
> If only the average user had read a EULA, I think their would be a revolt.

I agree - isn't it lucky that "shrink wrap" EULA's are unenforcable in this 
country ?...:-)