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>On Tue, 16 Oct 2001 22:10, you wrote:
>> Anyone that wants / is in need of a good giggle, tale a look at the
>> FUD from The Evil Empire (a.k.a. Microsoft) Sales Partner Newsletter,
>> provided at http://www.jon.fl.net.au/microcrap.txt for your chortling and
>> guffawing pleasure.

>>Before I get mercilessly flamed (OK, it's late !!), let's move this to
>>OK ?


I would have quoted parts of the article but fear prosecution for copy
infringement. :)

MS news letter (point 6):
(Microsoft Strategic Technology Protection Programme (MSTPP). Mobilising
their people, they say security over the internet is a fundamental concern.)

Sounds like they formed an SAS, I wonder if they pack Ak-47's or .dll's. You
could probably make a good game with the MSTPP's riding the backbones
shooting worms. :)

MS news letter (point 7):
(Losing 1 in 3 sales to piracy, 1/3 of Aussie software is illegal)

Not piracy, Linux.  :), (actually they probably include linux as illegal)

So one in three of us are thieves, lucky they told me. I think a company
that has
a sticker on the plastic wrap which enclosed my new laptop could be looked
as a villain, since you have to agree to the EULA, which is inside the
plastic bag
by opening the bag, without even booting the software..hmmmmmmm.

If only the average user had read a EULA, I think their would be a revolt.