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Re: [chat] LGPL license w/o GPL infection

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 01:13:39PM +1000, Ben Leslie wrote:
> The thesis itself does not have to be GPLed. The code produced for the
> thesis does. The submittable and important part of the thesis is the
> write up not the implementation. There is no problem basing a thesis
> on existing GPL code, this isn't plagiarism or anything such as this.
> You only have a problem when you try and pass of some work as your
> own, as long as you attribute your work then you *don't* have a
> problem. (Well you might if you didn't actually do any work and have
> to attribute it all - but that is another point entirely).

So publishing code in a thesis does comprise distribution. I was just
wondering, because of course, you don't have to GPL stuff used only "in


Mary Gardiner