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Re: [chat] LGPL license w/o GPL infection

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Mary Gardiner wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 11:57:26AM +1000, Ben Leslie wrote:
> > Oh yeah, would help if I read things in context :>
> > 
> > That is a really tough thing. I would really avoid looking at source
> > that I can't freely* use on a project. Even with fair use it is just
> > too hazy a line to try and walk, sure read papers on how things were
> > implemented or docs or whatever,ut not the code. You don't really gain
> > that much from the code anyway. (Unless it is for something
> > proprietary and then you have other problems to deal with).
> And not all unis love you to use other people's work, even within the
> fair use provisions. I believe, for example, that at UNSW, people
> quoting 10% of another work in their thesis will fall very far on the
> wrong side of their plagarism provisions, whereas at USyd, you can run
> the gammit of fair use in your thesis. (Whether they'd consider it
> worthy of awarding a degree to is another question, but at least they
> won't throw you out an stamp 'plagiarism' all over your academic
> record.)

Well quoting 10% of someone elses work in a thesis is generally pretty
bad, I mean it is hardly orginal reserach to quoteverbatim someones

Even with fair use po,licy you need to attribute where you got this
from, which is all you need todo to avoid plagiarism.

(xcuse typos. slow ssh connection)