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Re: [chat] LGPL license w/o GPL infection

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, invisible ink wrote:

> begin Ben Leslie quotation:
> > *: By free I mean not GPL code if I'm working on a work project, or not
> > commercial code when I'm working on an Open Source project, or not other
> > students code when I'm working on a uni assignment.
> Yeah, good distinctions - it cuts every way.
> The student one is interesting though; knowing how to find, grok and reuse
> code are valuable skills, especially when Free Software comes into the
> equation. 

Couldn't agree more :)

> Learning to code is pretty important too. ;) I guess it's one of
> the differences between computing science and software engineering.

This is the major point when it comes to teach computer science. You
need to test each individuals ability to code, not their ability to reuse 
code (although there are some courses which do encourage this). It does
often depend also on the level of the course. For example normal graphics
courses don't use opengl libraries they have to do drawing lines and stuff
for themselve. Once they know these basics and how it works though for advanced
courses they can use such libraries and get on with more involved projects.