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Re: [chat] LGPL license w/o GPL infection

begin Andre Pang quotation:

> There are no current plans for it to be made as a library, but I can see
> it progressing in that direction one day, which is why I want to clarify
> all this now rather than saying "Uh oh" later. :)

How about the LGPL, with the additional right to statically link? This way,
you get the benefit of 'big license' familiarity, plus shelving the need for
all the hassle of object file distribution.

All this license arguing is really bollocks; in the end, it's what the
author says that matters, and it's generally pretty wise to choose a tested
and widely popular license to take advantage of the 'network effects' of
existing software... It's so much easier to get on with hacking when you
don't have to bitch about licenses all the time. ;)

- ii

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