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Re: [chat] LGPL license w/o GPL infection

begin Andre Pang quotation:

> I want others to be able to use it, as they would a product under the BSD
> or MIT license.  What I _don't_ want is them gleefully modifying my source
> code and not giving those modifications back to me, because then whatever
> modifications they create won't be passed back to everybody else.  Share
> and care!

:D :D :D

Same reason for the oft-flamed LGPL'ed GNOME libraries. Where does your
requirement for static linking come in, though? Hacking up stuff that might
be useful in embedded apps?

> Thanks heaps for your help on this, Jeff!  Maybe I'll actually
> start working on the code before the night is over :).

Hahaha. First things first, eh? ;)

- ii

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