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Re: [chat] LGPL license w/o GPL infection

On Sun, Oct 14, 2001 at 11:50:14PM +1000, invisible ink wrote:

> begin Andre Pang quotation:
> > Aye.  I don't want want to force somebody else to release the object code
> > for their program if they statically link it against my code, though,
> > which I why I asked that question in the first place :).  
> Doesn't this just involve .o files, not source? That can be a hassle, but
> it's slightly different to what you asked. A hassle enough that it may not
> fit, though.

Yes, but if I (arrogantly) assume that my piece of software is
utterly world-shattering and everybody decides to incorporate it
into their software next week, I don't want (nor expect) others to
start making .o files available everywhere.  I want people to look
at my license and say "schweet.  This r0x0rs.  I can use this
library in my program"; I want others to be able to use it, as
they would a product under the BSD or MIT license.  What I _don't_
want is them gleefully modifying my source code and not giving
those modifications back to me, because then whatever
modifications they create won't be passed back to everybody else.
Share and care!

> > Indeed.  So what licenses are there that (a) force modifications of your
> > program to be freely available, but (b) place no restrictions on other
> > works using your program?
> That's a stark way of putting it. ;) From a fairly quick reading of the MPL,
> it looks like what you want. Section 3.7 'Larger Works' is very short, but
> basically says that if the MPL bits are followed (source available, etc),
> then your larger work is okay.

I think the MPL seems suitable; I'm tossing up between the MPL and
the Clarified Artistic License at the moment.  (I find the clause
'Exhibit A' to be highly amusing though, for some deranged

Thanks heaps for your help on this, Jeff!  Maybe I'll actually
start working on the code before the night is over :).

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