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Re: [chat] LGPL license w/o GPL infection

On 14 Oct, invisible ink wrote:
> <quote who="Andre Pang">
>> Yes, I was being lazy my wording; I should be more careful in the future
>> (especially now that anti-OSS and anti-FSF people like to use that word a
>> lot in describing the GPL).  My apologies.
> Heh, no need for apology; you've hit the nail on the head - it's bad enough
> that people hoping to defame the community's choice of licenses use words
> like that... It's a real worry when we start saying them ourselves.

Just because we don't like the FSF's motives doesn't make us bad people.
"The community's choice of licenses" doesn't solely contain the GPL and
LGPL. It certainly doesn't put those who dislike the GPL and what the
FSF stand for "out of the community". I don't know if you were trolling
or not, Jeff, but if you were, consider me trolled :)

Andre, don't feel socially obliged to release your code under the GPL. I
certainly don't (nor do many highly regarded OS people), because I don't
like moral stances imposed on me by people who think they know better.


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