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Re: [chat] interview with Andrew Tridgell

begin  Andre Pang  quotation:

> My favourite quote:
>     Linux Magazine: The most interesting thing about Samba is the
>     amount of detective work that goes into trying to reverse
>     engineer SMB.
>     AndrewTridgell: Yeah, I love it. Whenever we find a spec for
>     something, a little part of me is disappointed.

My favourites (vifortuned immediately upon reading):

    "I think a lot of the basis of the open source movement comes from
    procrastinating students." - Andrew Tridgell

(Hooray for glsnake!)

    "I think of the last year or two as being the biggest private investment
    in public works in decades." - Andrew Tridgell

> Actually, there's quite a few funny ones in there ... great interview.
> Slashdot posted an awesome interview with Matt Dillon (FreeBSD VM guy)
> yesterday as well.

That was an great insight into what is going on in the BSD world - I
downloaded the 4.4 iso last night and am going to check it out at some

Theo at his defensive best, too. ;)

- ii

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