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Re: [chat] Is this Us?

Thus spake Catie Flick, on Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 10:09:08AM +1000:

> Catie
> P.S. Mind you, Nitrozac (the cartoonist) gets on my nerves in a biiiig
> way, because she so plays up her femininity in order to get a lot of
> hits/popularity/etc amongst the linux group. I guess it's kinda fun in a
> way to be a minority that people appreciate, but some people can take
> that a little far :)
> Just my little bitch for the morning ;-)

You're right though. She really does play on the "I'm a tech chick and
all you single geeks wanna bit of me" angle. It's fairly tiresome but
the site is still occasionally funny. 



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