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Re: [chat] Is this Us?

On  9 Oct, Jon Biddell wrote:
> On Tue,  9 Oct 2001 09:23, Craige McWhirter wrote:
>> http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/240.html
>> Reminds me of a few recent SLUG meetings.
> Hmmmm.... Mr McWhirter, I think it would be poor form to compare Linux Lass 
> to ANY of the ladies assuciated with SLUG (and probably quite painful too 
> !!)...
> Although, from seeing photos of Catie Flick...:-)

Nah, although the costume is appealing in a weird sort of way (ShutUP!)
(then again, I always wanted to dress up as catwoman when I was
younger), I doubt you'd ever catch me as a "Defender of the GNU
[...] way" :)


P.S. Mind you, Nitrozac (the cartoonist) gets on my nerves in a biiiig
way, because she so plays up her femininity in order to get a lot of
hits/popularity/etc amongst the linux group. I guess it's kinda fun in a
way to be a minority that people appreciate, but some people can take
that a little far :)
Just my little bitch for the morning ;-)