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Re: List behaviour, was Re: [chat] Is this Us?

Mate, did you have to flame me as well? That was such a vicious flame 
that I felt the heat from where I'm sitting!


On 9 Oct 2001, Adrian van den Dries <az@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

> Jon,
> I think most people are aware that the IT profession suffers somewhat
> from a bit of a gender imbalance.  It is one thing to joke about the
> matter in a generic way (as the cartoon that Craige posted did), because
> then the ladies who do grace us with their presence can joke with you
> (by virtue of being "in" on the joke).
> But your post was distasteful, off-topic, and dangerous.  You turned the
> joke onto a subset of our group, (a subset to which you obviously do not
> belong) rather than the group as a whole, using a politically-sensitive
> topic, the effect of which could possibly be net-loss to the group.
> We want to welcome as many people as possible to the group, not alienate
> them.
> I think *at least* an apology is in order.  I for one am sorry for such
> remarks being uttered.

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