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List behaviour, was Re: [chat] Is this Us?


I think most people are aware that the IT profession suffers somewhat
from a bit of a gender imbalance.  It is one thing to joke about the
matter in a generic way (as the cartoon that Craige posted did), because
then the ladies who do grace us with their presence can joke with you
(by virtue of being "in" on the joke).

But your post was distasteful, off-topic, and dangerous.  You turned the
joke onto a subset of our group, (a subset to which you obviously do not
belong) rather than the group as a whole, using a politically-sensitive
topic, the effect of which could possibly be net-loss to the group.

We want to welcome as many people as possible to the group, not alienate

I think *at least* an apology is in order.  I for one am sorry for such
remarks being uttered.

Wrote Jon Biddell, on October  9, around  8:55pm +1000:

[ Unthoughtful comments snipped and shredded and thrown away ]


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