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[chat] Microsoft Registration Process

Looks like they must be copping flack from the luser community over their 
registration model...:-)


Not for Resale Web site Password - Effective Immediately
User ID is partner
Password is partner2001

Dear customer,

Microsoft is making important improvements to Volume Licensing 6.0 programs. 
These include the extension of the availability of Upgrade Advantage and the 
sign on date for Software Assurance until 31st July 2002. In short these 
changes mean customers have more time to prepare and more flexibility in how 
they plan their software upgrade path. For those customers who have already 
made their licensing decisions, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that they 
will have the ability to benefit from these changes.

The changes
The first change extends the Licensing 6.0 launch transition period to July 
31, 2002, (out from Feb 28) and continues to make Upgrade Advantage available 
to customers under the Open and Select License agreements during this period. 

The second change is that Microsoft® Office 2000 customers as well as Office 
XP customers can enrol directly in Software Assurance. These changes mean 
Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, Windows® 2000 and Windows XP are all 
considered "current" for the purposes of enrolling in Software Assurance. 

Why make these changes?
The extended dates and product options are the result of Microsoft acting on 
customer feedback. After listening to customers, Microsoft is extending the 
launch transition period to allow customers more time to review their 
existing licenses, evaluate the new options and decide how to take advantage 
of Software Assurance. Microsoft is committed to listening to business and to 
improve its license programs so licenses are simpler to acquire, understand 
and administer. 

More information
Microsoft's Software Assurance offering provides the rights to upgrade to the 
latest versions of products released during the term of the agreement and 
will help customers quickly benefit from the very latest enterprise software. 

If you are interested in discussing these Microsoft's licensing changes 
please refer to http://www.microsoft.com/australia/business/licensing or 
contact the Microsoft Customer Care Centre on 13 20 58. 

Paul Houghton
Microsoft Australia 

>3. This document may not be distributed for profit