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Re: [chat] Some nice poetry :-)

On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 11:01:49PM -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
> begin Mike Lake quotation:
> > Several months ago it was mostly Win sites that were cracked with a
> > smattering of Linux/Apache sites. The last few weeks have seen a
> > significant number of Linux sites cracked. Is Linux getting more
> > widely used?
> It'd be more interesting if we had some indication of how Tsunami got
> in.  
> A lot of break-ins are as a result of dumb-ass errors, such as shell
> users employing the same password on multiple systems.  Then, if just
> one of those systems becomes root-compromised, suddenly the attacker
> has easy entrance to all the others.

yep. I would luv to know too, but its not something that I have a great 
keeness to learn. Well more exactly I would like to now how but the fun 
to me would lie in learning how the software runs and is compromised. 
There would be very little fun and quickly none in actually cracking site 
after site. The political and social messages I understand but I suspect 
that for most web sie defcaers they are a justification for defacing.
The Brazillians are having great time hacking all over the world but 
noone in their right mind would do that from Australia, our laws are a
little tougher ;-)

A cursory search of the web shows some "tutorials" on defacing sites but
they are clearly aimed at complete newbies and often windows users.
Basically they give some guidelines for badly setup anon ftp sites with
world writable directories and the abilit to browse directories. Some of the
more capable defacers are I am sure way beyond this and know their way
around Unix and Windows very well. 

So guys when are we having a deface-fest :-) hehehe

Day of inquiry. You will be subpoenaed.

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