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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] IT Jobs

On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 04:19:18PM +1000, Minh Van Le wrote:
> Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> > It wouldn't be offensive if you'd only posted a question once or twice.
> > Lately you've been regularly making use of the community's goodwill, and
> > while I don't speak for the community in any way, I find your behaviour
> > to be extremely selfish.  Especially as virtually none of your questions
> > are directly related to Linux.
> It seems to me that you're demanding people repay help. That's not community
> good will, that's called business.

You're assuming that I'm demanding something.  I didn't demand anything
of you; I have simply explained why I consider your behaviour rude.  It
is my hope that you will change your behaviour, but I am not demanding
anything of you.

I know nothing of your contributions to the world outside of your posts
to the slug list and your comments in #slug -- and why would it be
otherwise?  All I have seen is someone asking many questions, who it
turns out isn't subscribed to the list.  When these regular questions
include "Why all the platforms" of UNIX, it starts to sound like you're
treating the list as a free source of trivia answers.

And then you get into arguments about email headers because you expect
different behaviour to many other mailing list users, and in doing so
push the signal-to-noise ratio even lower, on a list to which you aren't

I would like to think I am demanding nothing, but that I am asking for
common courtesy.  I realise this is subjective, and likely to degenerate
into a flamewar, so this will be my last post on this issue.  You are
welcome to email me privately if you wish.  This was not meant as a
criticism of your contribution to the community (of which I know
nothing), but simply of your behaviour on this list.

Apologies to everyone for the noise.