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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] IT Jobs

$author = "Minh Van Le" ;
> I don't operate like that. I make sure I can help myself, before I help
> others. I will return favours in my own time, and when I'm most capable, when
> it best suits me. There's a time when people set sail on their own to conquer
> the wisdom of the earth, and have much to offer when they return from their
> journey. So leave me to my own business. You're assuming that not seeing my
> penance for taking advantage of a community resource, that I'm not giving
> something in return in some alternative way. I'll  remind you that people
> don't have to be seen in a mailing list to help the linux community.

ummm... ok. i agree with the point about learning things yourself before
trying to teach others...

however, i see the rest of the issue a bit differently...

it is considered to be good karma to contribute to a community from which
you derive some benefit. in this situation we are not talking about the
"linux community", this is SLUG and this list is the main forum where
the contributions are made and the benefits derived...

no one is forcing you to contribute... likewise no one is forced to respond to
your questions... if you continue to not put back into the SLUG community
while deriving benefit from it, some people may be less inclined to provide
assistance down the track...

> You're also assuming that I'm the only one benefitting from other people's
> answers/input to my questions.

good point. the rest of the list and the archives benefit from any
informative responses.

> It seems to me that you're demanding people repay help. That's not community
> good will, that's called business.

as i pointed out above, communities are about participation. participation
is about both giving and receiving. we, as in SLUG, don't demand much of
anyone. but we do like to see people who have received our assistance put
something back into the community...


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