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Re: [chat] List Policy

invisible ink wrote:

> <quote who="Jon Biddell">
> > Before you can POST to the list, you must SUBSCRIBE. Maybe relax this rule
> > a bit for the chat list, but for the main list I think it's a must.  Will
> > help to stop spam as well.
> And then we should filter all posts from proprietary mailers...? :)
> I'm not sure that limiting posting to subscribers is the best and fairest
> solution, but it should be put to the lists and committee.
> [ btw, when was the last time you received spam to the list? ]

Can't recall.

While it may limit spam, it also means people have to aggregate the entire list
to their weekly bandwidth usage.

I know the task of blocking spam is big and complex, but it's your list. You do
what you want with it.