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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] IT Jobs

Jon Biddell advocates his proposed list policy:

> Before you can POST to the list, you must SUBSCRIBE. Maybe relax this rule 
> a bit for the chat list, but for the main list I think it's a must.  Will 
> help to stop spam as well.

It's up to the list-admin, and I never nag list-admins.  (It would be 
bad policy, since I am one.  ;->  )

Just to assist the admins (jdub and tom, I see), I _do_ run my Mailman 
lists as indicated above, and can give some tips.

1.  There will be a small trickle of non-member-posted spam, on an
ongoing basis.  So, you get the small annoyance of selecting "Discard" 
for each such post.

2.  Also, occasionally a legitimate poster will post from a
non-subscription address, resulting in legitimate list mail held for
your approval.  This is always cited as the reason not to restrict
posting to member addresses only.  _However_, it's a one-time annoyance
for each non-subscription address a list-member posts from, because, of 
course, you'll add that address to the pre-approved list, just before
letting the post through.  If it's from someone who hasn't subscribed
from _any_ address, you can either bounce the post, saying "You need 
to subscribe, first", or can subscribe him, depending on your mood.

The upside of this solution is that effectively zero spam gets through.
Arguably, it's also socially beneficial for list participants to be 
obliged to subscribe -- for reasons mentioned.

The downside is a tiny amount of extra list-admin work -- but falling 
off dramatically after about a month.

Cheers,                              "Azathoth need not be present to win."
Rick Moen                                       -- Charles O. Baucum, Jr.