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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] List Policy

On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 03:00:46PM +1000, Martin wrote:
> $author = "Howard Lowndes" ;
> > 
> > I think this would inconvenience those who operate from a work address + a
> > home address + a uni address + etc.
> the new zealand network operators group just came up against this problem
> and their solution was to create a "post only" list which you can subscribe
> all your addresses to, allowing you to post from any of them, and the only
> mail you receive is to the address subscribed to the normal list... (ie.
> post only subscription does not get any list traffic)

The normal solution for Mailman lists is to subscribe all the addresses
you wish to post from, but set all of the ones you don't want to receive
mail at to 'No mail' (the Disable Delivery option).

It's a pain though, having to confirm subscriptions and so on for every


Mary Gardiner