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Re: [chat] list mail filter, was Re: [SLUG] IT Jobs

This one time, at band camp, Mike Holland wrote:
>is the problem a race condition between the direct and via-slug copies of
>the message? Or is it just that you want all replies to the list mailbox,
>even when you are personally addressed?

It's the race condition.  If the reply is to me and me only, then I want it
to go to me, otherwise

> Either way, procmail can solve the problem.
>You should be able to filter to slug with the ^TO macro.
>Or are people using Bcc: ?  In which case '^Subject:.*[SLUG]' would be

I filter on the List-Id: header for mailing lists that support it, see
http://spacepants.org/conf/dot.procmailrc for an example.  I got your
personal reply to my inbox, and the list mail to slug-chat, as expected.

But sending 2 copies of the same message to me is a waste of my time and
bandwidth, hence why I munge the reply-to so that you don't send me 2
copies, unless you go to the extra effort of editing the headers yourself,
as you did.

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