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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] IT Jobs

This one time, at band camp, Rick Moen wrote:
>begin Gnuthad quotation:
>> Actually, most (some) people on this list would set their default
>> reply preference, Reply-To: to the list to avoid getting two copies
>> of replies, one addressed to them, the other to the list.
>A cure, for your .procmailrc:
>:0 Wh: msgid.lock
>| formail -D 8192 msgid.cache

That's all well and good, Rick, but I'm quite anal about my procmail
filters, and this rule doesn't do what I'd like if the reply to me arrives
before the reply to the list -- so I end up getting list mail split between
my inbox and the list mailbox.

Then again, I could just not post. ;)

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