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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] IT Jobs

begin Andrew Bennetts quotation:

> It wouldn't be offensive if you'd only posted a question once or twice. 
> Lately you've been regularly making use of the community's goodwill, and
> while I don't speak for the community in any way, I find your behaviour
> to be extremely selfish.  Especially as virtually none of your questions
> are directly related to Linux.

Minh's recent posting activity on slug has been as follows:

Sept. 4:  Asked if there'll be a September installfest.  (Craig answered by
          reposting his announcement from two days prior.)
Sept. 5:  Asked if installfest volunteers were needed.  (No on-list reply.)
Sept. 6:  Asked if there's an scp compatibility between OpenSSH 1.2.6
          and 2.5.6.
Sept. 14:  Asked about "/" as a directory-name character in Unix.
Sept. 15:  Asked about rotational backup schemes.  (Two follow-ups.)
Sept. 15:  Asked if people still use BSD-style dump & restore.
Sept. 15:  Asked if there's a way to confine shell users to ~.
Sept. 19:  Asked if Cisco certification is worthwhile.  (Two follow-ups.)
Sept. 27:  Asked about ftp problems getting from a Win32 client to Linux.
Sept. 27:  Asked about a client-connectivity problem with Samba.
Sept. 27:  Asked about threading v. forking in Linux.
Sept. 28:  Asked if there are known Linux-kernel problems with VIA
           integrated motherboards.
Oct. 4:  Asked about studies of Web/ftp proxies' cost-effectiveness.
Oct. 4:  Asked why there are so many Unixes.
Oct. 5:  Asked how worthwhile Freshmeat ratings are.
Oct. 6:  Asked a rather fuzzy question about Web hosting.

Minh does appear to do nothing _but_ ask idle questions, which tends to
get very tiresome.  But they generally look Linux-relevant to me.

> It is, however, considered rude by many people to repeatedly post
> questions to a list without being subscribed to that list.

Indeed.  One of the reasons my reply distribution gets trimmed (by mutt)
to just the list address is to reinforce community-minded behaviour.

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