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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] IT Jobs

Adrian van den Dries wrote:

> Wrote Minh Van Le, on October  7, around  2:15am +1000:
> > It was never filtered to my inbox in the first instance because the Cc:
> > and To: were not addressed to me.
> If you want to actually *read* the replies to the messages you post to a
> mailing list, you have two options:
>     1. Subscribe to the mailing list
>     2. Set a Reply-To or Mail-Followup-To indicating your reply
>        preference
> Posting to a discussion list when you do not expect to receive a reply is
> considered either rude, or dumb.

it's unnecessary to tell me that. of course i expect to receive a reply.
that's implicit in my posts. why would i spend time writing a question, and
not check for replies.

> > For example your Reply-To: header is overriding my client's Reply-to-all
> > function,
> Or rather, your client is honouring the Reply-To header, which is
> correct.

that's what it's doing.

> > which entails the original Cc: and To: headers.
> Huh?
> > Therefore only slug-chat@xxxxxxxxxxx receives this email.
> As was the preference of the author of the e-mail to which you were
> replying.
> As you did not indicate a reply preference, it is natural for Jeff to
> assume that you are subscribed to the list and reply accordingly.  If
> you missed his reply, it is no-one's fault but your own.

that doesn't make sense. a default reply preference should address the reply
to the person who originated the email, not some mail list, as the mail list
doesn't originate, or more precisely author any mail.

i don't see any logic in it being my fault for not reading my specific email,
when it's not even specifically addressed to me. now we could sit here and
argue on what is "natural" for jeff to have done, but i'd rather argue that
if jeff wanted to make sure that i received his mail, that he ensured that he
was addressing his email to _me_.

if i were to specify a Reply-To: preference in my client, i'd put -my- email
address in it. not some list.

while we're talking about making assumptions, i think you're assuming too
much that people who post to mailing lists are actually subscribed to the
list. afaik, it is an -option- to subscribe.